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1/4" solenoid valve 220v AC coil

SKU: BR1094-B210


1/4" solenoid valve 220v AC coil in Pakistan BR1094


This particular Solenoid valve is a two-way, semi-direct lift valve with a normally closed operating position. This means that there are two ports in which media flows, the valve will open when the coil is energized and allow media to pass through. Removing the energy from the valve coil will close it and stop the flow. Water Solenoid Valve works across various media such as hot water, air, gas, diesel fuel, Freon, weak acids, and weak alkali. The Air Gas valve features a heavy-duty, the solid brass body that’s sure to last in the most strenuous projects.

1. 100% brand new and high quality.

2. Direct-acting normally closed 2/2-way solenoid valve, quick and sensitive to change.

3. Compact structure, small size, lightweight, it is convenient for assembly and disassembly.

4. Made of brass material, electromagnetic coil heat resistance grade is B.

5. The coil protection level is IP65, and the power connection mode is the lead-out type and junction box type.

Features Of 1/4"AC 220V Electric Solenoid Valve:

  • Heavy-duty solid brass body
  • It Can be installed at any angle
  • A perfect replacement for the broken one
  • It Can be used in water, air, and diesel environment
  • Normally it closes when it shuts down *Made of brass, sturdy and durable

Specifications Normally Closed Brass Solenoid Valve Pneumatic Valve:

  • Acting Motion: Direct action
  • Medium: Air, water, diesel
  • Operating Type: Directly driven
  • State: Normally closed
  • Supply Voltage: 220V AC
  • Pipe Size: 1/4″
  • Operating Pressure: 0-145Psi
  • Working Temperature: -5 ~ 800C
  • CV: 220V
  • Operating Viscosity: Under 20CST
  • Installation: Fluid direction should be as the arrow shows
  • Valve Body: Brass
  • Oil Seal Material: NBR

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Package Include:

  • 1x 1/4 Inch 220V AC Brass Solenoid Valve For Water Oil Gas


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1/4" solenoid valve 220v AC coil

1/4" solenoid valve 220v AC coil