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5V Non-Contact Relay Liquid Water Level Sensor Detector XKCY28

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5V Non-Contact Relay Liquid Water Level Sensor Detector XKCY28 In Pakistan BR4004


Liquid Level sensors are used to detect the level of substances that can flow. Such substances include liquids, slurries, granular material, and powders. The internal relay of Contactless Water Level Detector can directly drive the load. Level measurements can be done inside containers or it can be the level of a river or lake. Such measurements can be used to determine the number of materials within a closed container or the flow of water in open channels.

Features Of XKC-Y28 Contactless water level switch Detector:

  • There is no need to contact the liquid, directly to isolate the container to sense the liquid level, without affecting the water quality.
  • Adjustable sensitivity, more accurate induction
  • Not limited by the range pressure, strong acid, strong alkali chemical liquid can be sensed
  • The internal relay can directly drive the load.
  • High temperature resistant 105 ℃ liquid
  • The pipeline plane container can be applied, and the installation is simpler

Specifications Of Non-contact Water Liquid Level Sensor Induction Switch:

  1. Operating Voltage: 5V DC
  2. Current consumption: 13mA
  3. Response time: 500mS
  4. Working temperature: -5-105C
  5. Applicable pipe diameter range: ≥11mm
  6. Level error: ±1.5mm
  7. Humidity: 5%-100%
  8. Line length: 500MM(±10MM)
  9. Line definition: Brown (power positive), yellow (signal output), blue (power negative), black (COM)
  10. Material: ABS
  11. Waterproof performance: IP65
  12. Safety standard certification: CE
  13. Environmental certification: ROHS2.0

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Non-Contact Water Level Sensor Detector XKCY28


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5V Non-Contact Relay Liquid Water Level Sensor Detector XKCY28

5V Non-Contact Relay Liquid Water Level Sensor Detector XKCY28

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