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Air Mouse JS6 Keyboard With Touch Pad

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SKU: BR4348-B226

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Air Mouse JS6 Keyboard With Touch Pad In Pakistan BR4348


This Product Is A Remote Controller With The Function Of Mouse Both With Touchpad And With 6axis Gyroscope Sensor, Keyboard, Multimedia Android Control And Motion Sense Support. It Can Provide People A Unique And Capable Tool To Operate Their PC, Smart TV, Android TV Box, Media Player, Set Top Box. It Is Plug And Play, Simple And Smooth

If you are looking to purchase a top quality remote controller that features the built-in Mouse and a full QWERTY keyboard, then there is no need to purchase the substandard products from the market, as URF Mart has brought a product that all the quality conscious customers will definitely find useful. The name of this quality product is Air Mouse JS6/T6 Keyboard with Touchpad.

The Air Mouse JS6/T6 Keyboard with Touchpad is a revolutionary rechargeable mouse that features a built-in full functional QWERTY keyboard and a dedicated touchpad that allows the easy controlling of devices. The Air Mouse JS6/T6 Keyboard with Touchpad has a total range of up to 10 meters, which means that now all the users can easily control their devices from the above-mentioned distance.

The Air Mouse JS6/T6 Keyboard with Touchpad features 6-axis Inertia Sensors that all support the top of the line Somatosensory Games. The Air Mouse JS6/T6 Keyboard with Touchpad also features the option to ON/OFF the mouse cursor of the device. The Air Mouse JS6/T6 Keyboard with Touchpad features the Windows, Android, and Linux OX

Now, you can make your working hours more efficiently by using a keyboard and mouse simultaneously in a mini gadget "Air Mouse JS6/T6 Keyboard with Touchpad" in any setting. It has a six-axis gyroscope sensor having a motion sensor that makes the touchpad's speed faster without any hurdle.

You can attach your PC, Smart TV, Android TV box, Media Player, and Set-top box with mini Air Mouse and enjoy unlimited functions easily with the range of 10 meters distance. It provides ease and comfort to you to complete your tasks and activities while sitting in your relaxed places such as couch, bed, or sofa.

Mx Air Mouse also facilitates you to use as a presenter to control your multimedia or projector while presenting lectures or paper during seminars, workshops, presentations in educational and business institutes. You can quickly move everywhere within a range of 10 meters distance and freely explain you're significant points without any tension to manage the slides standing in a specific place. Moreover, your kids also enjoy 3D gaming on touchpad freely to enjoy their leisure time. Furthermore, you can efficiently operate it, you plug and play it smoothly. Lastly, it provides you 2.4G wireless technology for keyboard and mouse and gives you stable feedback.


    • 6-Axis Inertia Sensors supports Somatosensory Games.
    • Mouse cursor On/Off.
    • Compatible with Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux.
    • The distance of Remote up to 10 Meters.
    • 2.4G RF Wireless technology, high stability.
    • 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Input + touch pad.
    • IR control and a power button for IR learning.

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    Package Includes

    1 x Air Mouse JS6 Keyboard With Touch Pad