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Non Contact Infusion Alarm Liquid Level Sensor Switch XKC Y27

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Non-Contact Infusion Alarm Liquid Level Sensor Switch XKC Y27 In Pakistan BR3121


The intelligent non-contact small tube liquid level sensor uses advanced signal processing technology and a high-speed signal processing chip, which is specially designed for liquid level detection of infusion tubes and industrial tubes. The intelligent non-contact liquid level Detector Switch can simultaneously output NPN and PNP signals to meet the needs of various occasions.


  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Non Contact: Not in direct contact with liquid, will not be corroded by corrosive liquids such as strong acid and alkali, free from scale or other debris
  • Smart reminder: Infusion completes automatic alarm
  • Durable: Electronic circuit interface, non-mechanical working mode, stable performance, and long life
  • Strong stability: Strong anti-interference ability, free from external electromagnetic interference
  • Wide compatibility: Wide voltage range, can be powered by 2 AAA batteries or external 24V
  • Application range: Small tubes of plastic, glass, ceramics, etc.  Medical infusion alarm, industrial liquid level detection, scientific research teaching equipment, sewage treatment equipment, water purification equipment, household appliances. 


  1. Product model: XKC-Y27
  2. Response time: 500ms
  3. Input voltage: 24V
  4. Liquid temperature: -5~100°C
  5. Battery-power: 3V (2*AAA battery)
  6. Level error: ±3mm
  7. Output mode: NPN and PNP
  8. Product material: ABS+PC
  9. Alarm mode: there is a buzzer / no buzzer
  10. Current consumption: 50UA±5uA
  11. Standard certification: CE
  12. Environmental certification: RHOS-2.0
  13. Line definition:
    • - (power negative)
    • P1 (NPN signal output)
    • P2 (PNP signal output)
    • + (power supply 24V positive)

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Package Include:

  • 1 X Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor Switch XKC Y27