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Bonega Over and Under Voltage Protector with Over Current Protector

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SKU: BR4305-B210

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Over and Under Voltage Protector with Over Current Protector In Pakistan BR4305


The multi-function self-resetting reclosing protector integrates over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, and an integrated intelligent projector. When over-voltage, under-voltage and over-current obstacles appear in the line, this product can cut off the circuit instantaneously. Avoid unnecessary damage to electrical equipment. When the circuit returns to normal, the protector can automatically restore the circuit to make the electrical equipment work normally. The overvoltage value, Undervoltage value, overcurrent value, circuit recovery time value, and overcurrent protection reset time value of this product can be set by themselves. Adjust the parameters according to the local conditions and electrical conditions.
  • The product is fully compliant with the company's standard production of a single-phase self-reclosing recloser.
  •  When the line is over-voltage, under-voltage, and over-current fault, the product automatically cuts off the line. When the line voltage or current returns to normal, the product automatically returns to the normal power supply after the delay time set by the user, without manual operation.
  •  The protector does not malfunction when the line is transient or transient overvoltage.
  •  When the line is unstable due to some factors or suddenly powers off and then calls the state, the product will not be connected to the power source immediately. The delay time is set by the user according to the local situation.
  • The line voltage should not be high than 350VAC to prevent the product itself from being damaged due to excessive power supply voltage. If there is a need for a high power supply for a specific occasion, please contact the manufacturer.
    1.  Rated voltage:220VAC 50Hz.
    2.  Rated current: 1A-60A adjustable (default 40A)
    3. Overvoltage cutoff value: 240V-300VAC adjustable (default 270VAC)
    4.  Under-voltage cut-off value: 140V-200VAC adjustable (default 170VAC)
    5. Overcurrent cutoff value: 1A-60A adjustable (default 40A)
    6. Power-on delay time and Relay on delay time: 3-60S adjustable (default 5S)
    7. Reset delay time after overcurrent protection: 30-180S adjustable (default 30S)
    8. Delay time when the product is overcurrent: 3S (overcurrent time is greater than this time will be confirmed as overcurrent and protection)
    9.  Power consumption:≤2W
    10. Electrical mechanical life: ≥10Times
    11.  Dimensions: 86×37×66mm

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