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UNI T HDMI/Mini-HDMI Data Cable Tester UT681HDMI

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UNI T HDMI/Mini-HDMI Data Cable Tester  UT681HDMI in Pakistan BR4074


UNI T HDMI Data Cable Tester UT681HDMI consists of a transmitter and receiver. This HDMI cable checker has functions like testing HDMI cable (HDMI 1.2V/1.3V/1.4V/2.0V). This HDMI wire tester has a fast and accurate measurement. This best HDMI cable tester is an ideal tool for personnel to install and maintain low current systems such as communication wires and integrated circuits.


  • UT681 HDMI is a professional tester for testing HDMI cable (HDMI 1.2V/1.3V/1.4V/2.0V).
  • Cable tester HDMI can quickly scan and test up to 19 wires and decide which one is a short circuit, open circuit, or in the wrong order.
  • HDMI cable tester tool supports two test modes, fast scan mode, and full display mode. Three types of HD cables can be tested: a. Both ends are standard HDMI connectors (Type A - Type A); b. Both ends are HDMI Mini connectors (Type C - Type C); c. One end is the HDMI connector, one end is the HDMI Mini Connector (Type A - Type C).
  • When the battery voltage is lower than about 7.2V, the blue light flashes, prompting to replace the battery.
  • When no operation during the last 10 minutes, the instrument will automatically shut down.


  1. Supported Connector: HDMI (type A); HDMI Mini (Type C)
  2. Scan Test Mode: 20 LED (LED1~LED8, LED_G) scan test
  3. Full Display Test Mode: 20 LED (LED1~LED8, LED_G) all light on
  4. Continuity Test: Yes
  5. Short Circuit Test: Yes
  6. Crossover Test: Yes
  7. Network Cable Test: Shielding/Un-shielding
  8. Auto Power-off: After 10 minutes without operation
  9. Power Supply: 9V battery
  10. Low Voltage Test: Yes
  11. Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃
  12. Storage Temperature: -10℃~50℃
  13. Operating Humidity: 20%~80% RH
  14. Storage Humidity: 10%~90% RH
  15. Altitude: Less than 2000 meters
  16. Weight: 175g(approx.)

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1 x UNI T HDMI/Mini-HDMI Data Cable Tester UT681HDMI

UNI T HDMI/Mini-HDMI Data Cable Tester UT681HDMI

UNI T HDMI/Mini-HDMI Data Cable Tester UT681HDMI

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