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USB to RS485 TTL Serial Converter

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USB to RS485 TTL Serial Converter in Pakistan BR1155


The USB to RS485 TTL Serial Converter Adapter FT232 is USB2.0 standard, backward compatible, in line with the standard RS485. It has Direction control with the use of automatic data flow control, auto distinguish, and control data transfer direction with a Baud rate of 300-9216000bps and automatically detecting the serial signal data rate.

It supports the multipoint, each converter allows the RS485 interface device to connect 32 and comes with TVS tube Interface Protection and also with USB self-recovery protection.

This USB to RS485 TTL Serial Converter provides two-way serial communications signal conversion between the RS485 to and from a personal computer USB port using a virtual serial COM port. Self-powered from USB it uses FT232RL+75176 and can have up to 32 devices on the bus.

The 4 jumpers connect the USB interface to the RS485 interface. If the jumpers are removed, the USB interface may be used as a TTL Level Serial port.

  1. Surveillance Cameras
  2. Video capture device
  3. Fingerprint attendance machine
  4. PBX
  5. CNC machine

Features :

  1. Load capacity: support multipoint, each converter allows RS485 interface device to connect 32
  2. Interface Protection: TVS tube protection, USB self-recovery protection
  3. Support Windows98/ME/2000/XP/WIN7/Vista, Linux, Mac
  4. Self-powered from USB.
  5. It can be up to 32 devices on the bus.

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Package Include :

1 x USB to RS485 TTL Serial Converter Adapter FT232


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